A downloadable game

Hello o/,  many things to do but raw base is already made. 

WSAD - moving camera

Q/E or mouse scroll - also moving camera but in higher axis

1/2/3/4 - choosing turret by key or you can click one in menu

click on turret to see stats or range 


-new models

-change graphics

-add sounds

-work more on balance

-add information about next wave

Patch notes:


-fixed bugs

-improved balance

-added upgrade system

-added selling system

-tower2 now have AoE damage


-fixed bugs

-tower3 is now AoE freezer

-added end game screen with wave reached score

-worked a little on balance

-added some basic textures for ground

If someone want to join my project feel free to message me =)

Install instructions

Download, unpack, run TowerDefense.exe and have fun :v


TowerDefencePrototype_v0.03 13 MB


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Cool! It just got a bit too easy as the levels progressed.

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Thanks for playing :D I've to work on this :)